Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Vigil at Genesee Valley Mall

This Mother’s Day weekend give a voice to the 130,000+ breeding mothers working overtime in Midwest puppy-factories producing litters for Mother’s Day gifts. Join Puppy Mill Awareness’s Flint team at a vigil-demonstration in front of Genesee Valley Mall from 12- 3 p.m. Candles will be provided along with plenty of photos of mothers who never made it out of the kennels.

If you have a rescued puppy mill survivor, please bring them for the vigil portion of the event at noon. You are welcome to stay, but we do not encourage our furry members to be close to the road during the demonstration.

May marks our third month of protesting The Family Puppy pet store this year. Why have we been coming every Saturday in all types of weather? The Family Puppy is Michigan’s largest puppy-selling store. They import on average 100 puppies per month from out-of-state breeders with serious violations to the Animal Welfare Act. Flint does not need any business selling commercially breed puppies working against all adoption programs in Genesee County. Flint will continue to say “NO” to puppy-selling stores!

Please join us every Saturday from 12-3!

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