Monday, July 25, 2011

Directly in the hands of potential puppy-buyers

How does Puppy Mill Awareness measure effectiveness? --If the store we are protesting mentions us in their “Letter of Introduction” provided to potential customers! Apparently, The Family Puppy has had to explain themselves one to many times, so they put it all down on paper.

Luckily I can read between the lines and call out all the BS.

The bottom line is, this store is no different than Petland. They have used the same broker and the Amish certianly do not have a squeaky clean reputation either. Just google "Dog Auctions" and have a kleenex box a handy – it is sad and appauling at the same time. Give me a brake with all the PR stunts Stottele. Here are my comments to your Letter of Introduction:

  • The Family Puppy has been in business for 13 years, yet only started to make improvements and visit their breeders 3 years ago? I am assuming this is when our group formed and the pressure was on. Or was it after the Detroit Free press exposed the store?We really should not have the words “pet” and “industry” used in the same sentence.

  • You said it! I agree, this is an industry wrought with neglect and abuse!

  • John, I know you work hours every day, because I am working hours trying to expose you.

  • So you admit to working with brokers in the past. That sounds horrible –puppy middlemen. Puppies are not products!

  • You mean for 10 years you did not visit a breeder? For 10 years, you relied on brokers to regulate? And now you are experts in regulation?? Again, are you relying on the USDA? Good luck!

  • Humm...a road trip the summer of 2008. This is when we formed Puppy Mill Awareness.

  • You went to a Missouri Conference for help? Good Lord, that is the Puppy Mill Capital. I certainly hope you didn’t learn a thing from Missouri millers.

  • PMA is protesting in front of the Flint store because the Family Puppy sells the most puppy mill puppies in Michigan and the breeders are puppy millers. High volume store!

  • There are not 52 stores in the Southeast Michigan area -try 20. It is a dying industry. Many have closed in the last 3 years.

  • I have visited The Family Puppy breeders in Indiana.

  • The Indiana State Board of Health does NOT inspect kennels. No money.

  • This flyer does not mention the sick dogs reported to Pet Shop Puppies and MDA.

  • This flyer does not mention the use of any brokers in Ohio or Minnesota.